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Chinese "Secret Garden" & Spring Planting Tips

Hey there good folks, I've got a quick little story for you and a couple of pointers as you begin your summer garden.1.) Story: A Hidden GardenLast week, Sundiata Ameh-El, co-coordinator of iGrowand I were installing raised beds around town together. Because we were in the area and because my father had told me about it, we swung by for a look at an unlikely farm. It's hidden behind a Tallahassee...

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Other Food Gardeners

Turns out there are lots more folks doing food gardening around the country-- and even around the southeast-- than myself.  I'll keep adding to this list as I discover more food garden entrepreneurs.  For now, this is who I've found:Rashid Nuri with Truly Living Well Farms in AtlantaI met this guy during my stay in Atlanta January, '10. He farms stray pieces of land, say, adjacent to an apartment...

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