Essence of Our Overalls

Grow. Savor. Share.

The essence of our overalls, the lives behind the look. 

Overalls is rooted strongly, within our families & amidst our cultures, in the lives & stories of food growers & hard-working agriculturalists who have exhibited persistence and dedication in the face of dirt & dust, heat & cold, sickness & exhaustion, boom & bust, weeds & pests, long days & short days, economics & politics. Come what may, they grew on, learning, adapting, and growing some more. More often than not, such farmers grew for market, sure, but also for kin. They raised their family’s subsistence. Not necessarily all of it, but parts of it. A portion of the cash crop, like field corn, saved for meal. A vegetable garden. Yard hens. Maybe a milk cow. Then again maybe just a couple rows of greens, sweet corn or a patch of watermelon because there’s just nothing like fresh, and they knew it, and they savored it, by-and-large, in company. And, if ever there was a grower of food, there was a sharer of food. Not only food. Overalls have also long shared skills & stories, tools, time, and when they had it, treasure. Family and friends, neighbors & needy, crews & communities have long reaped the rewards of our overalls-clad foremothers and forefathers. During good times, they kept us healthier. In bad times, they kept us alive.

We carry the history of Overalls in our breast pockets, clasp our bibbs to honor & uplift the legacy, & we proudly dirty our Overalls to grow, together, a new era of Overalls. In so doing, may we grow community-based, community-rooted good food systems that work better for everyone.

We proudly put on our overalls to grow, savor, & share and through it all, to the best of our abilities, we, literally, work & support others to:

  • grow food as close as possible to where people live
  • provide food to family & community that is both unpoisoned & healthy
  • cultivate fairness in the food system so that neither farmers, farm workers, nor families need get the short end of the stick
  • make sure everyone has bountiful access to good healthy food
  • sit back & savor the fruits of our labor & the wonders of life
  • share goodness in its many forms: food, time, treasure, knowledge, stories.

May we grow together!