Seasonal Support

What do you need to be successful this season?

To ensure ongoing productively, each season, you'll need to refresh & replant. It starts by cleaning up any remaining crop debris & pulling any weeds that have sprung up, remineralizing and topdressing

with enough Magic Mix to replenish your garden. Then, it's time to plant. So, what help do you need?

  1. ReFresh - $145
  2. RePlant - $245
  3. ReFresh & Replant - $295

For the full details, read below. But if you're busy, just make your selection, add any special instructions in the notes, and place your order. We look forward to supporting your grocery growing efforts another season.

ReFresh includes up to an hour of food garden support: weeding/clean-up, Q&A, irrigation repairs, and topdressing: anything your garden needs to be ready for replanting including up to...

  • 5lbs of our custom "Magic Dust" fertilizer to remineralize the soil,
  • 5 bags of Magic Mix* added to your garden or left for you in bags per your instructions [note: 5 bags is the *minimum* needed to top dress (2) 4x8 raised beds. If your garden is larger or you know it needs an "extra boost" let us know in your order notes, and we'll call to determine your needs.]
  • $5 of misc irrigation parts (like a replacement sprinkler or batteries), and
  • free delivery/drop off of additional Overalls garden supplies (like stakes, pest-management supplies, and, eventually, plants & seeds).

RePlant includes plants & seeds (based on your seasonal preferences) and our turnkey planting service for a garden up to 100 sq ft. When we plant, you're encouraged to join in for a hands-on co-planting tutorial and/or to observe & ask questions to learn all you can if you're around. A few weeks after planting, we will invite you to a free, post-planting, small-group video-call to ensure everything is growing to plan, to advise on next steps, and answer your questions.

If you're DIY inclined, perhaps you just need a Magic Mix delivery, which you can find below, and maybe a soil calculator would help you figure out how much you need. Also, if you need a refresher on what to plant when, check out our What Can You Grow in a Square resource on our resources page.

If you need extra supplies like a trellis, stakes, tomato ties, or the like, just click over to our Garden Supplies page. 

If you need some other food garden support like a 1-hr coaching session or you'd like to order your first month support visit, find those options under "Other Food Garden Support."