Seasonal Support

What do you need to be successful this season?

Each season, we recommend cleaning up the former season's debris & pulling any weeds that have sprung up; topdressing with enough Magic Mix to refill your beds; and then replanting with seasonal veggies and herbs. This rhythm keeps your food garden beautiful and bountiful, season after season.

If that sounds like what you need, just check-out with the following items:

  • 30 min of Food Garden Support
  • a Magic Mix Delivery &
  • a (re)Planting

We'll be in touch to clarify any questions and get it on the calendar!

Then again, maybe you'd like a little more 1-on-1 coaching or monthly support. If so, those options are available below under Food Garden Support.

If you happen to need extra supplies like a trellis, stakes, tomato ties, or the like, just click over to our Garden Supplies page. 

If you're DIY inclined, perhaps you just need a Magic Mix delivery, but maybe a soil calculator would help you figure out how much you need. Also, if you need a refresher on what to plant when, check out our What Can You Grow in a Square resource on our resources page.