Seasonal Support

As easy as 1)Clean-up 2)Topdress & 3)(re)Plant

Each season, we recommend cleaning up the former season's debris & pulling any weeds that have sprung up; topdressing with enough Magic Mix to refill your beds; and then replanting with seasonal veggies. This rhythm keeps your food garden beautiful and bountiful, season after season. 

If you're thinking, "Will you just do it for me?" You're in the right spot. Just add 1)clean up 2)a Magic Mix delivery, and 3)a (re)planting option to your cart. Check out, and we'll be by ASAP to take care of you this season.

If you're DIY inclined, perhaps you just need a Magic Mix delivery. And if you simply need a refresher on what to plant when, check out our What Can You Grow in a Square resource on our resources page.