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But maybe you're thinking, "Whoa, slow down! What am I getting myself into? What do y'all do? What are your values? What's your track record? Where's Overalls headed?" Makes good sense to us. Here's a little background:

We're recruiting experienced (& aspiring) farmers to work among a team of farmers in Jacksonville, FL that will, together, grow and support others to grow groceries for self and neighbor. Here's the yard stick we'll use to see if you're a good fit.
(Then again, sometimes we point people towards our application for simpler roles, so if that's you, don't get overwhelmed by the thoroughness of this page.)
We have two primary business models. 95% of our work is Food Garden Support (FGS), a product & service line for families (& organizations) that want to grow their groceries, but don't have the know-how, time, or capacities to do it all themselves. We help them build, plant, and maintain beautiful, bountiful raised bed food gardens. Our second business model is Overalls Farm, an unlimited urban uPick neighborhood farm. Our members pay a monthly subscription, like Netflix and can come pick whatever they want, whenever they want. Our 4year pilot farm has proved successful, so we'll launch a second location in 2023.
To get a sense of our values...
  • explore the Essence of our Overalls, and read our founders first blog post written September 2009, "in the beginning;"
  • learn about our Giving Gardens Fund, which is underwritten by 1% of our top line business revenue; and
  • there are two internal operational values that we lean into daily: 1)open, direct communication, aka candor for the sake of clarity. 2)Using and building simple, replicable systems & processes to free up as much time and team capacity to develop, grow, and solve yet-unsolved problems. 
For a sense of where we've come from, feel free to dig deep into our founder's blog and social media for a look at what we've been up to over the past couple decades. Facebook and Instagram are where the main action is at, but there's a little on TikTok and YouTube. For a focused look at Overalls Farm, see Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.
Our big dream is to foster a cooperatively-owned network of neighborhood-based farming teams, sort of like Buurtzorg but for community-based agriculture.
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