Food Garden Resources

Though we pride ourselves on the bounty of the free, best-in-class grocery-growing resources we've created and curated below, we would be remiss if we didn't point you towards our Overalls Community, an invite-only community of support that helps grocery growers in N Florida grow, savor, and share abundance by providing expert guidance, relevant resources, quality supplies, and a supportive network. Short of our turnkey food garden installation and ongoing support services, Overalls Community is where we curate our best resources, provide regular, regionally-and-seasonally relevant claases, offer steep discounts on our products and services, and foster gardener-to-gardener connections. Learn more and request an invite.

Free Food Gardening PDF Resources for Gardeners in the Deep South

Man in Overalls Food Gardening Videos

Additional Quick References

Favorite Gardening Books

Other Good "How-To" Gardening/Farming Reads 

Market Farming Books on Our Shelf

Soil Testing
-Micro nutrient analysis & compost (soilless medium) tests: WayPoint Analytical
-Soil, compost, plant tissue, & heavy metal test by UMASS
-pH, P, K, Ca, and Mg testing by UF IFAS.
-Micro nutrient analysis by Fertrell (email soil test request)
-Soil, water, feed, heavy metals, pesticide/ herbicide residues, & food safety by Waters Agricultural Laboratory.

Community Garden Resources
So You Want to Start a School Garden (Revised 5 2016)
-By Man in Overalls, pub. by FDACS Food Nutrition & Wellness Div.
Man in Overalls Blogs:
-How to Start a School Garden: Build a Team
-How to Start a School Garden: Design
Gardening for Grades - free guide from Ag in the Classroom
- how to plan, fund, create and learn with school gardens
Gardening for Nutrition - free school-garden nutrition curriculum
- "sequel" to Gardening for grades. Also correlated to standards.
Florida Dept of Education School Garden Program
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Biz Resources
Free download/tools: