Free Food Gardening Resources for Gardeners in the Deep South

How to Pick a Great Garden Spot
- What factors to balance to choose the best garden location
Food Gardening 101
- 10 steps from grass to garden
DIY Raised Beds
- What/Why/How including an "almost magic" mix recipe
What Can You Grow in a Square
- Square Foot Gardening (in raised beds), spacing, seasonal crops
Plants? Or Seeds? And Other Planning Questions
- Things to know before you plant
Where Do We Grow From Here?
- Post planting next steps, FAQ, & Seasonal Schedule
Pesky Pests and What to Do About Them
- All about pest management; i.e., what to do about bugs
What and When to Harvest
- “Pick it when it’s ready!” - Which is when exactly?
What to Do When It Freezes
-Or, rather, what to do before it freezes to protect your crops
Growing Great Soil
-Primer on mulching, my compost system, cover crops & more
Community Garden Types
-Outlines 3 major models of community gardens
So You Want to Start a School Garden (Revised 5 2016)
-By Man in Overalls, pub. by FDACS Food Nutrition & Wellness Div.

Man in Overalls Food Gardening Videos
Man in Overalls YouTube Channel
FDACS Fresh for Florida Kids Teaching Garden Channel
Individual Videos:
-Building Raised Beds
-Garden Planning
-Planting Seeds
-Planting Starts
-Watering Your Garden
-Growing Potatoes
-Growing Tomatoes
-Growing Corn
-Growing Sweet Potatoes
-When the Garden is Done (Transitioning to the next season)
-How to Grow Year Round (in spite of the cold)
-"My Garden, My Plate" USDA Dietary Suggestions
-"Math in the Garden" - Using food gardens as teaching tools

Additional Quick References

Favorite Gardening Books

Other Good "How-To" Reads 

Market Farming Books on Our Shelf

Soil Testing
-Micro nutrient analysis & compost (soilless medium) tests: WayPoint Analytical
-Soil, compost, plant tissue, & heavy metal test by UMASS
-pH, P, K, Ca, and Mg testing by UF IFAS.
-Micro nutrient analysis by Fertrell (email soil test request)
-Soil, water, feed, heavy metals, pesticide/ herbicide residues, & food safety by Waters Agricultural Laboratory.

Community Garden Resources
ACGA's Best Practices Website
ACGA's E-Newsletter
Man in Overalls Posts concerning Community Gardens

School & Youth Garden Resources
Man in Overalls Blogs:
-How to Start a School Garden: Build a Team
-How to Start a School Garden: Design
Gardening for Grades - free guide from Ag in the Classroom
- how to plan, fund, create and learn with school gardens
Gardening for Nutrition - free school-garden nutrition curriculum
- "sequel" to Gardening for grades. Also correlated to standards.
Florida Dept of Education School Garden Program
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Biz Resources
Free download/tools: