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Food Gardening-- The Age Defying Workout

Grand Opening:  Tallahassee ABSolute Food Garden Gym Regular cardio exercises can help keep you fit, but food gardening is an essential, age-defying activity that should be a consistent part of your weekly routine. Food gardening not only will help chisel your body into a bathing-suit-worthy physique— it will make other activities like holding your kids, climbing stairs and carrying your groceries...

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Decent Math Encounters Reality

Last week, I put together this raised bed for Andreas, Sandra and Ted.  It's made of cedar construction treated with linseed-oil.  Take a look.  Also note the micro-irrigation tubing sticking out in preparation for filling with soil and compost The bed is 8x4x2.5ft. If you multiply that out you get 32ft x 2.5ft or 80 cubic feet. My truck bed holds a cubic yard, i.e., 27 cubic feet, so you could...

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Springtime Is in the Air

What a gorgeous day to work on a food garden!  I hear it'd gonna rain again, and some coolness will follow.  But for the time being, we get to bask in the glory of early March warmth.  Didn't even have to burn the woodstove tonight.A new Square Foot Gardenfor Candie and Don. Per their requests: Tomatoes (Better Boy, Early Girl, Heritage), bell peppers, banana peppers, eggplant, green (snap) beans,...

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