Food Gardening-- The Age Defying Workout

Grand Opening: 
ABSolute Food Garden Gym

Regular cardio exercises can help keep you fit, but food gardening is an essential, age-defying activity that should be a consistent part of your weekly routine. Food gardening not only will help chisel your body into a bathing-suit-worthy physique — it will make other activities like holding your kids, climbing stairs and carrying your groceries much easier down the line.

"Food gardening should be one of the central components of your entire existence," says the Man in Overalls, a personal trainer at the Tallahassee ABSolute Food Gardening Gym. "When you food garden, your whole life is going to be easier. It will even make everyday activities more fun."

Food gardening also improves cognitive functioning and helps prevent bone and muscle weakening — not to mention that it will give you a confidence-boosting midsection that looks good in (and out of) your clothes. 

Food Garden with the Man in Overalls
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Yeah, so I've been working with Paul Peacock the last few days at his house.  Today we shoveled six cubic yards of compost and dug trench line for a micro irrigation system.  We keep laughing about how I should start a side-line revenue stream charging people to "workout" with me in gardens all over town.  "Gold's Gym," he joked pretending to speak for me, "charges $20 a month.  You can work out with me for $10.  Half price.  See me jump onto this shovel-- that's agility training, aerobics.  We're not digging; that's a trap strengthen regimen."

Any takers?

Frame Construction, i.e., forearm strengthening.

Hauling Compost, i.e., quad and bicep development

Bed Preparation, i.e., pectoral and deltoid training.


Planting Seeds, i.e., tuning fine-motor technique