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Man in Overalls - Survival Gardening

I want you to grow your groceries. Could you grow enough food to feed your family if you needed?Could we, as communities, sustain ourselves - even temporarily - if there was some major disruption like a cyber attack, supply chain failure, hyper inflation, economic fall-out, or - God forbid - war? Though I'm a fan of salads & tasty treats like sugar snaps, if you're hungry, those just won't cut it.

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A Few Recent Jobs

It's been a busy spring already, and we're just running into March. Below you'll find a sampling of work that my team and I have been up to. First off, take a look at the slide show of Tina and Claudia's raised-beds constructed of concrete block, thee blocks high. Their wish was for their beds to last "forever." Though you may not be able to see it, these beds are equipped with micro-irrigation...

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Man in Overalls Quick Update: Launching $105 Economy Gardens

Happy March (Pinch and a punch for the first of the month:)Three things: 1)Want to be on my email update list? Please send me an email with subject line: "Count me in." At most, I'll "update" once a month. As I dislike excess emails myself, I'm making my list an opt-in affair.2)Will Allen, Founder of Milwaukee's Growing Power, Pre-eminent Urban Ag Leader, MacArthur Genius, who was amongst Time's...

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