A Few Recent Jobs

It's been a busy spring already, and we're just running into March.  Below you'll find a sampling of work that my team and I have been up to.  First off, take a look at the slide show of Tina and Claudia's raised-beds constructed of concrete block, thee blocks high.  Their wish was for their beds to last "forever."  Though you may not be able to see it, these beds are equipped with micro-irrigation complete with an automatic timer.

Next, view Suzee's 4.5'x35' raised beds-- also out of concrete block.  The "fence" is a permanent tomato/cucumber/pole bean trellis.  Suzee's beds are also complete with micro irrigation.

Lastly, size-up Paula's 4x10 raised beds.  If you'd like an economy garden raised bed (or beds) just like this, follow the link to my Economy Garden page. Under step #2, select "4x10." Voila.  Simple as pie.