Man in Overalls - Last night, 10 years ago

10 years ago, last night - as recorded in my journal ...-"I couldn't sleep all night long because I was up thinking about this food gardening business idea. I settled on a few things: a name and a branded persona ("Man in Overalls") as well as a few ideas on how to use such a persona and business as a food movement platform and how to make food gardening demand viral."-A few months before, once I...

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Man in Overalls - Cafe/Market/Farms: A Growing Dream

It's time I let you in on a dream of mine. It's not fully formed, but neither can it still be understood merely as ingredients in the figurative kitchen cupboard. I think of it as a loaf of bread, not yet baked but certainly mixed and rising. In looking back at my notes, it's a dream I've been workshopping and mulling over for more than two years, a dream born out personal experience and travel,...

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Just Finished

Amy (to whom this garden belongs) took the crew and I to dinner at Red Elephant after we'd finished. (A first for sure!) What a kind lady! Amy's been gardening since she was a child and this year sought to out-do the potato vine that has (for years) over-taken her in-ground food garden. With a preliminary tilling, a double layer of cardboard in the bottom of the beds, plus landscape fabric and...

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