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Local Gardening Store [Gramling's] is a Treasure: Letter to the Editor

Tallahassee DemocratSunday, June 15th 2014Dear Editor,I’ve been growing food since I was 8, when I became known as “that boy with the garden.” These days, folks know me as the “Man in Overalls.”Though I like watching things grow, gardening for me has always been about more than aesthetics. It’s a survival skill-set against hunger and food insecurity, something — thank God — I have not truly...

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Thanks to Ro-Mac: Letter to the Editor

Tallahassee DemocratThursday 20th, 2011Dear Editor-On a routine trip to Ro-Mac Lumber and Supply [map] last week, I saw a handwritten door sign: "All Sales Final: Going Out of Business." With disappointment, I shook my head. Not Ro-Mac.Two years ago, I started Tallahassee Food Gardens with $300 and a pickup. My mission was to enable "wannabe" food gardeners, network local food and community garden...

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