'Tis the Season

It's that time of year: Folks ask me what I've been up to, and my consistent response is: "Gardens, gardens, gardens." Whether building and planting raised beds for folks who purchased Future Garden Coupons or top-dressing and replanting with repeat customers, it's a wonderful whirlwind of business and plant growth. Here's a couple few pictures from the past week:

Wendell, Nathan, and Bill - Piney Z farm boys
Claudia and Tina after replanting their three raised beds.
Accenting Kathy's existing garden with a couple raised beds down the middle.
Going back Monday to spruce up and plant.
Friday morning I stopped by FBMC Benefits Management where-- this past spring-- I installed their company wellness garden.  They started with four 4x4s, and now have requested I double their bed space by adding four more 4x4s, which they plan to plant, tend and harvest in order to donate to a food pantry through AmpleHarvest.org.  Below are the flags plotting out their new beds going in Tuesday before our Wednesday Fall Planting Workshop.

During my visit, Glenda in Marketing, who coordinates their Wellness Program, showed me their snazzy new Wellness Program video that highlights their garden:

Signing off to go water my seedlings.