Southwood Grows in the Grass

Saturday morning, the Southwood Community Garden Leadership Team joined hands for its first mini-workday of the installation.  In addition to measuring and marking the perimeter with stakes & strings, the team spray painted the future outline of the first 20 (of approx. 50) 4x8 raised bed plots.

Amidst the other work, I conducted a mini lady's workshop on power tools and raised bed construction in order to facilitate the construction of the garden's first raised bed frame.  We also took at look at and talked through the ingredients of my "magic compost mix" with which we will fill all 50+ beds.

For the past ten months, I've been working with the Southwood Community Garden Leadership Team to facilitate their garden development.  The project has mean a constant blend of community organizing, food-garden recommendations and education, communication and group coordination, leadership development, guidance through legal loops & hoops, and linkages to Tallahassee's emerging Community Garden Program.  Through it all, though, what it's meant more than anything else has been this: working with a wonderful group of soon-to-be community gardeners.