New Woodland Drives Community Garden

This past Thursday, my buddy John and I installed an extra large Square Foot Garden that will serve as a community garden amongst three families in the Woodland Drives Neighborhood.

A couple weeks back, Randy and Irene, got in touch with me about helping them start a garden.  Only...they wanted "their" garden to go in their neighbor's yard.  Come to find out, they were actually partnering with said neighbors-- in addition to another family across the street-- to start and maintain a raised vegetable ("community" or "friends") garden.  The family with the most sun offered their backyard; Randy and Irene oversaw and joined me in the work of planting, and the other family will help as needed.  When harvest time comes, they'll share the bounty.

The new Woodlands Drives community garden is a beautiful model for how families can join together in order to overcome the effort/time, sunlight, and too-much-food-all-at-once obstacles to home food gardening.  This is the fourth such set of families in Southeast Tallahassee (that I know of) who have started their own front-yard (or backyard) community gardens.  If you're interested in such a model and would like to hear additional stories, let me know.  I could even take you on a tour.