"Hey y'all. I'm Nathan Ballentine the Man in Overalls. Today we're going to talk about..."

Check it out!

I've been working with the FL Dept of Ag to create a bunch of "How To" Food Gardening Videos.  For example: "How to build raised beds," "How to plant," "How to water," and all kind of other basics.  Below are a few to get your started.  For the rest (and for the ones still to be released), stay tuned to the Fresh for Florida Kids Youtube Channel.

While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and show you a few other things as well.

I'm super excited about this: The City of Tallahassee TV station, WCOT did an "Eco-Smart" program on the new City Community Gardening Program.  It's half an hour and contains loads of info including the new process by which neighborhood groups can apply for and get access to city land on which to start community gardens -- a program that emerged from a partnership between the Tallahassee Food Network and the City of Tallahassee.

Lastly, I've got two more quick press items:

“The Man in Overalls” Bringing Gardening Skills to Tallahassee Communities
- blog post on Florida Blueblog.floridablue.com

"Growing up Green" 
- 6/7/2012 Tallahassee Dem article by Elizabeth Mack highlighting the iGrow Youth and my involvement with their urban agriculture endeavors.

That's it for now.  Thanks for all the continued support -- both for me and my business, and, more generally, for your work amidst the food movement.  Happy growing.