Two Valentine's Day Gardens

Two Valentine's Day Gardens this week. 

This one here John Wood and I installed for Mr. O'Brien Monday and Tuesday.  It's a 3x7x2.5ft Raised Herb Garden of cedar construction treated with linseed oil, complete with a micro irrigation system filled with a well draining, nutrient rich and biologically active soil. Look closely to see the micro irrigation.  (Look VERY CLOSELY to see the micro nutrients.)

Upon finishing the cedar herb garden, Mr. O'Brien came out to inspect. "It looks great," he said. He then told us: "Just got off the phone with my wife. I told her, 'Instead of jewelry like you wanted for Valentines Day, I got you a coffin full of compost.' She laughed," he finished. He then explained that she's excited about growing herbs for fresh home-cooking.

We put in this Square Foot Garden as a Valentine's Day surprise.  Fritz, the man with the plan, made arrangements with me a few weeks back.  Then yesterday, he let us into the back yard while his sweetie was away at work.  John Wood and I took it from there: frame, soil, grid lines, plants, seeds, bulbs, labels... placement of the tulip and card.  Covert Gardening success.

Say, what can you possibly be planting these days?  It's February.  In the garden above, we planted broccoli, purple and quick cabbage, spinach and three kinds of lettuce plants.  We also planted radish seeds and shallot bulbs.  About a third of the bed we left unplanted so that come mid-March, I can return to do spring planting without disturbing what we put in yesterday.

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