Roadside Birthday Party Thursday, 4:30-6pm in New Leaf Parking Lot under the old Ross sign

If you're free on Thursday 4:30-6, stop by, make a sign and roadside with me to encourage other folks to food garden in Tallahassee. Bring a pitch fork or shovel if you've got one and a few dollars for the food bank. Or you could donate here. It's my birthday; hope you can make it.

For the first person that cuts a check to Second Harvest of the Big Bend in front of me for $250, I'll install a 4x10 raised-bed food garden in their yard for free. For the first person that cuts a check for $40 to Second Harvest, I'll come to their home for a free food garden consultation.

We'll make signs, wave to folks, talk about any food garden questions you may have, and brainstorm ways to empower folks to grow their own food and share it.

No joke: It's my birthday.  We're having a roadside partyI'm fundraising for Second Harvest Food Bank because food security is critical for the food movement.  And, it'd be great to touch base with you.  Come on, come on.  I hope you can make it.