New Community Garden

Orange Ave Apts community members, supported by Damayan volunteers, installed a 500sq.ft. raised-bed, community garden in their neighborhood. The beds are framed with recycled concrete and filled with mushroom compost. Damayan brought in a few benches. Children and volunteers planted blueberry bushes and a tangerine. Already, the garden in creating a new sense of welcome to a forgotten space in the neighborhood. When I pass through to check in with community folks, I notice people mlling around the garden to check on the growth of the newly planted collards, mustards, and flowers. Here are a few pictures courtesy of Michelle.

Mr. Oliver overseeing the compost dump.

Jacob busting up concrete.

Mr. Oliver and the Man in Overalls talking plants after spreading compost.

Trystann and William bringing over the plants.

Planting collards.

It's been an honor working with the children and adults in the Orange Ave Apartments community that are bringing food movement dreams to life.