March 2012 Natural Awakenings Features Man in Overalls and iGrow Buckets

Food Sovereignty
Nathan Ballentine
"Though we do not talk about it much in the food movement -- even, for that matter, amidst the Tallahassee Food Network -- what we are working on is the democratization, the decentralization of our food system, soil to seed to harvest to dinner.
        The big question is, "Who controls your food?"
        ...more on page 28 in Natural Awakenings.

Grow Your Groceries
"The iGrow Bucket is a self-watering mini food garden build using two five-gallon buckets.  It was a water-reservoir at the base that allows for bottom-up watering, which encourages the roots to grow down and helps ensure consistent moisture for maximum food production.

"The buckets -- a product developed by Wendell Mitchell and Nathan Ballentine of Tallahassee Food Gardens -- are being manufactured by the Frenchtown based iGrow- "Whatever you like"- Youth in order to underwrite their dream to start an urban farm in Frenchtown....

The iGrow team is making three versions of the buckets, all available for sale via their website ( and the below paypal buttons.

$32 Just Add Water 
iGrow Bucket. Filled with magic compost-mix. Pre-planted with heirloom tomato. Comes with built in trellis.
$24 Ready To Plant 
iGrow Bucket. Pre-filled with magic compost-mix. 
$20 Do it Yourself 
iGrow Bucket. Fill. Plant. Water. Eat. 
Feel free to email with questions."