Man in Overalls - Woo hoo! $100K in revenue! Thank you

Thank you! Team Overalls just grew past $100k in annual revenue!
We're on track to 2x the highest top-line # we've ever made! It's not all about the money, but it's worth taking a pause to celebrate and to offer thanks in recognition of this threshold of success because it notes a potential that, in all honesty, I never considered these humble Overalls held.
Here’s to a great cloud of supporters & encouragers, co-workers, customers, & collaborators. First up a word of thanks to my team: Valerie Herrmann & Don Justice who have joined me in the work of helping others grow their groceries; also here's to Cecil DiChiara, who has been my right-hand-apprentice growing the seeds of our Overalls Farm in my own backyard. These 3 have had my back, shoveled my shovel, & brought their sharp minds to the Overalls table. If you haven't already, you'll likely meet them in the months to come.
We are also indebted, gratefully, to our customers. From our turnkey food garden support & magic mix customers to the many workshop participants to our farm members who are, quite literally, helping us harvest our way towards an Overalls Cafe/Market/Farm vision. Also thanks to the 100s of Tallahassee customers who sustained me while I was a babe in the biz and focused the lion share of my energy on building TFN and developing iGrow. And while I'm on the subject of Tallahassee, there were also several other Overalls-clad co-workers not to mention hundreds upon hundreds of people who worked-it behind the scenes to help ensure my success. Thank you.
I am also grateful to the many co-workers in the movement who are working to regrow the food system so that it works for everyone. It takes many hands, minds, capacities, connections, & ideas to grow where we're growing. Thanks for enriching my life and helping us grow their a little better/faster by contributing your piece.
Keep up the good work! And thank you again! Here's to a million!
- - -
And lest I write you without offering something helpful, I wanted to point you again to my resources page. If you haven'ted visited in a while, here are a few new resources I developed in the past year:
    Also on my resources page are more than a dozen of the videos that I did with the Department of Agriculture. Here are a few of my favorites:
    To celebrate our financial win and to raise a bit of money to ramp up our capacity to help folks grow their groceries, we're going to launch a little blitz sale/fundraiser shortly. Stay tuned, and shoot me a reply if you'd like to help craft it so it'd will be most helpful to you and others.
    Thanks again for the support & encouragement!
    - - -
    And as always, if you're ready to grow your groceries here in NE FL... 
    Please, click here to see my services & book me for a consultation, so I can assess your site; we'll discuss design, answer your questions, talk #s, and get your project lined up. I offer turn-key raised bed food garden support services.
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