Last Spring I Used to Wonder...

Eight months back when this social enterprise of mine was still in its infancy, I used to wonder why-- when I visited the blogs of incredible food gardening nonprofits and social enterprises like that of Growing Power, they posted so infrequently.  Why?  When so many folks looked to them for stories of the emerging food movement, when their CEO, Will Allen is featured on the cover of Time magazine with a heaping handful of red worms and he's invited to a White House state dinner, etc-- why aren't their more posts of their work and Will Allen's adventures?  For instance, right now, their last post is from August 19th where they share this video about a Growing Food and Justice Conference that was hosted by Growing Power in Milwaukee:

I'm beginning to understand.  Take a look at this picture of my truck.  It's been looking like this a lot lately:

After loading with lumber, compost, strawberry plants (for a 4x10 strawberry garden)-- in addition to shovels, rakes, power-tool bag, wheelbarrow, and supplies for a micro-irrigation system at Christ Presbyterian Church, I stopped in at Native Nurseries to purchase some pine straw.  Upon loading it on top, I was beside myself wanting to take a picture.  (Just look at it: notice how the truck sags under the weight.  Even the tires are struggling.  Made me laugh.  And scared me for fear of breaking my truck.)  Having no camera, I ran back inside and Jodi happily obliged my whim for a picture.

Although I have no picture of the strawberry bed, below you'll find a picture of the lettuce bed, installed for the same guy.

Fall is certainly a bountiful and pleasant time of year to food garden.  If you're looking for ideas about what to plant, check out my googledocs "What Can You Grow in a Square."

Thanks for reading.  May your gardens grow like the weeds and the weeds like that plant you wish... oh how you wish it would grow.