Grow a Row for the Hungry Neighborhood Garden Workshops

From the cyber-vine, I hear that lots of folks are interested in neighborhood garden workshops.  If you are such a person, please let me know.  I'm willing to to help organize and/or teach such a workshop, but we've got to move quickly.  Spring planting is upon us come the middle of March.  I could be available on March 6th and/or the morning of the 13th to do a workshop.

Starting in March, I plan to do a bit of fundraising for Second Harvest of the Big Bend (our local Food Bank).  In this vein, I hope to use intro gardening workshops as a means of educating food gardeners and to raise money for Second Harvest' planned new facility that will enable them to distribute 2 million more pounds of food per year.  Central to the food movement is the idea that everyone in town gets to eat good food.  A first step in that direction is to make sure everyone eats something.  Second Harvest does great work in this area, and I want to help make sure they can do even more.

So if you're interested in a food garden workshop in your neighborhood and/or interested in helping to raise money for Second Harvest capital campaign, please let me know.  I.e., email me.

If you'd be willing to host/sponsor a food garden workshop for kids, I'd especially like to hear from you .