Birthday Party!

Well, today's my birthday.  I turned 25 years old.  For the first nine months of my life, I didn't have a name.  My parents were waiting for me to "tell them what my name should be."  I was known as "Mr. Baby."  For most of the next 23-24 years of my life, folks referred to me as Nathan.  Though my aunt did call me Brian up until I was about 15 because she named me ahead of my parents and thought it would stick if she stuck to it long enough.  Of course, growing up, there were a few "NATHAN WILEY BALLENTINE's" thrown in there and a few "migit's," (I didn't break five feet until 9th grade).  (Just in case you didn't know, "Wiley" means "tricky and cunning.")

Then, last September, I took on this new persona, the Man in Overalls.  Promptly, I began doing things like standing beside the road to drum up business and to create a "buzz" around growing food.

And today's my birthday.

So, I thought, why not revisit the roadside?  Except this time, perhaps, I could make it into a birthday party.  So, I did.  People gathered, we made additional signs, and had a "Honking" good time by the roadside.  Take a look. 

Eshiva and Thomas-- both big into school gardens, school mini-farms to be more accurate-- made more signs.

 Other folks showed up and stopped by.  We had a party.

The young ladies (below) in traffic were beside themselves in celebration of my birthday.  They blew their horn in support of food gardens at least 50 times in a minute.  At least.

Oh, and instead of birthday presents I raised $45 for the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Big Bend via the fantastically generous donations of folks that joined me roadside. 

"Heck yeah," for them.  Take a look at this.  Maybe you're also up for supporting Second Harvest's work to make sure everyone here in the Big Bend gets enough to eat.  It's what the food movement is all about.  Good food, yes, but--just as important--enough food.

I appreciate those folks that stopped by, that donated to Second Harvest, that wished me a happy birthday on facebook, and that continue to support my-- our --work here in Tallahassee.  Thank you.

By the way, do you happen to know today's date?

Wait. What? 

That's right, I was born in November.

Gonight and good luck,
nathan WILEY Ballentine