Micro Irrigation Installation (Deposit)

Micro Irrigation Installation (Deposit)

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Micro irrigation is the sweet spot between overhead (which wastes too much water) and drip, which -- through very conservative -- makes for wet and dry spot in your garden. As a consequence, if you plants happen to be growing  where there's an emitter, they'll grow as though in a pot even through their planted.

Micro irrigation on an automatic timer handles the daily watering, so you don't have to worry that you'll accidentally kill your plants. You can leave town for the week or the weekend and not bother asking neighbors to water.

Most (but not all) of our micro irrigation installations for 2-4 beds range from $300 to $450 and are priced based on three factors: 1)A fixed rate for timer and assembly to hook up to your hose bibb (with a Y-valve, so you'll still have access to your hose) 2)The length of tubing required to run the mainline 3)The number of micro sprinklers required to water your garden. 

This deposit lets us know you for sure want a micro irrigation system, and any price over the deposit will be charged at the time of service.