Little Seed Library
Little Seed Library
Little Seed Library
Little Seed Library

Little Seed Library

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Starting in Jacksonville, FL, we’re working to spread Little Seed Libraries across the South. We were inspired by a Girl Scout who made 100 such little seed libraries, sending at least one to every state in the nation to spread her love of gardening.  Our first step is to install 14 little seed libraries here in Jacksonville, one in every city council district. 

To help us spread the idea, you can make a donation to our Giving Gardens Fund to help underwrite the free Little Seed Libraries we are installing around Jacksonville.


To order your own Little Seed Library, there are two options:

  1. "Installed & Ready for Action," which is a Little Seed Library built, painted, delivered, and installed - filled with seeds (in Tupperware to keep them dry), extra seed packets, an anchored labeling marker, etc. In other words, this is the "We handle the details and digging for you" option.
  2. "For Pickup." This is the cheaper, DIY option. You'll pick up a built and painted Little Seed Library from our farm, source your own starter seeds, etc, and install it yourself. 

To learn more or to find our sign up form to volunteer your support our Little Seed Library effort in other ways, click here.