The Day I Went to Prison


My life is moving faster than I can keep up with.  So, for the moment-- against my storytelling nature-- I'm going to resort to a bulleted list for the day:

*Headed to Romac for raised-bed lumber. *Stopped in at Gramling's on S. Adams for plants and seeds. *Dropped lumber in Betton Hills in preparation for a Monday garden build. *Picked up and ordered mushroom compost at Tallahassee Nurseries. *Built and filled an additional raised bed in the kids "Gods' Giving Garden" at Faith Presbyterian Church. *Helped upload dump-truck delivery of mushroom compost in my back yard. *Visited the FCI Women's Prison (out on Capital Cir) to learn about their Horticultural program. *Swung by to check on the Damayan sponsored community garden in the Orange Ave Apts. *Ran an errand for Manna on Meridian food pantry. *Gave away free compost; chatted with friends and visitors about community gardens, the food gardening and urban ag business, spring planting ideas, great squash seed  varieties, and the food movement; and made a fool of myself with my signs and pitchfork in the parking lot of New Leaf Market 4-6pm.