Of Interest

Folks for whom I put in food gardens have been kind enough to send me updated pictures and/or invited me back to take pictures of their crops in full swing.  They clearly are holding up their end of the bargain.  Wow.  The first is Carol's garden:

Next is a picture of Ted, Andreas, and Sandra's garden:

The following photo I took of Mr. Orbien and Ms. Ingram:

This pictures shows Faith and Derry's garden:

The last photo, taken by photographer Inga Finch shows her young tomato, eggplant and squash plants a few weeks back:

Also of interest are the following links and resources related to Community Gardens:

-How to Start a Community Garden (from the American Community Gardening Association
-Start up guides, How to manuals, Sample Forms (also from the ACGA)
-Greater Lansing Food Bank's "Garden Project" administers, facilitates, and supports over 25 community gardens in their area.  They also offer at-home garden consultations and assistance to low-income residents

Plus a magazine and resource related to Urban Agriculture:
-New Magazine: Urban Farm
-Community Food Security's Primer on Urban Agriculture