Another Set of Links and Videos

Once you delve into the emerging food movement, it's amazing how much there is to it, how fast it's growing and how much potential it holds.

In the past hour, I received an email from my father containing a link to "Garden Girl TV" with Patti Moreno, talked with a man that lives on Wakulla Springs road that has a one acre property on which he hopes to establish "an active edible landscape with naturally grown foods, free range chickens, rabbits, etc" and visited, a website that the fellow told me about.  There is so much going on.

The Garden Girl's following You Tube clip about Raised Beds in the City is espcially interesting to me because it shows how to build a cold-frame overtop her raised beds for extended (early or late) season food growing.  Also, her chicken houses that fit perfectly atop her raised beds borders on brilliant.

In addition to the last video, take a look at the Path to Freedom (or the Urban Homestead-- same folks, same website) links and videos below.  In the midst of LA, they growing 6000 pound of food on their 1/5 acre lot.

About Urban Homestead
On Film: Info on "HomeGrown - the 21st Century Family Farm", a documentary about the urban homestead

Anthony, the guy off Wakulla Springs road told me that these folk are his model for what he wants to aim for.  In other words, give it a couple years, and we might have our own Path-to-Freedom-style, mini-farm-homestead just down the road.