Magic Mix - by the bag

Magic Mix - by the bag

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Man in Overalls' proprietary, compost-based soil mix.  Man in Overalls uses Magic Mix to fill all his raised beds.

Bags are a little less than 1 cubic ft. If you need help calculating your Magic Mix needs, click here.

Riverside Community Garden says, "I don't think we understood what good soil meant…..until [growing in Magic Mix]. The rate of growth and the health of the plants has been noticed- I think every visitor asks where we got the soil! The tomatoes are 6+ feet tall and the cucumbers are so prolific we are giving them away!"

Man in Overalls has supported hundreds of successful gardeners by leaning on his Magic Mix, which he has refined and continues to perfect. The magic recipe currently includes: mushroom compost enriched with composted cow manure, organic fertilizer, rock dusts (granite & azomite), and kelp meal to fill out its micro-nutrient profile.

Another customer, Suzanne struggled to grow "normal-sized vegetables" for years until I filled her beds with Magic Mix. She said, "Your soil makes me feel like a master gardener."