Overalls Farm

Are you still driving to the store? To buy produce?
From a farm far away? For how much money?
What if, instead, you got unlimited access to clean, seasonal veggies and herbs
grown right here in the neighborhood?

Farm Purpose

To pilot, to experiment and iterate towards a neighborhood farm model that is community-contributing and financially viable in order that, perhaps, one day, it can serve as the template for  a cooperative chain of cafe-market-farms spanning the Deep South. We'll start in my backyard, and I invite you, I welcome you on this journey of collaborative discovery. May we grow it together.


How it works: The Biz Idea

  • Overalls Farm offers a UPick membership. It’s like Netflix except: neighborhood-fresh produce instead of movies.  We keep at least 20 varieties growing at all times, so  you can harvest whatever you want, whenever you want it, seven days a week. Just stroll in to pick up what you want for dinner tonight. Talk about fresh!
  • Anything with a sign is ready to be harvested, & all signs have harvest instructions.
  • The idea is to minimize the "hustle & headaches" of the local food economy: less wasted time & risk of unsold product for farmers so we can focus on growing; cost savings; premium freshness + a chance to truly "see where your food comes from" for members.
  • It's all about community, so we'll regularly host cook n share meals & other events.


  • Currently limited to Springfield/East side neighbors**
  • (If you live elsewhere and will support a farm in your neighborhood, email.)
  • Pricing: $20/adult/mo, $10/child 10+, $5/child 5-9/mo, kids 4 & under: free
  • +++ Includes daylight access for you & your visitors plus first dibs on space for special events+++

Only 20 Family Memberships Available - 50% off 1st month!

  1. Email ManInOveralls@Overalls.Life to express interest 
  2. Receive & complete member application & credit card authorization form
  3. Within the week, we will orient you to the farm: what & how to harvest 
  4. Come whenever you want to harvest whatever you want! 


- - - 

From Corner Stores to Neighborhood Farms

Imagine this: in the heart of every neighborhood across the deep south, you'd find your neighborhood farm, managed by your neighborhood farmers. By neighbors, for neighbors. No more than an acre, you'd walk out in the center of what would feel like a beautifully bountiful community garden. In the center, you'd find a patio seating area. Think Paris meets picnic. Glancing around, you'd see a walk-up-window cafe where you could order a farm fresh smoothie or full meal and a micro grocery where you could buy your essentials: milk, eggs, bread. The cafe patio, at other times, would play host to cooking and gardening workshops. Think of it as a one-stop-food-shop. Whether you want farm fresh veggies, prepared food, groceries, or education on how to grow your groceries, your neighborhood farm would be the place to go.

For more on the dream, click here.

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