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Blogging Past Midnight; It's Spring, Indeed

People invite me to their houses to for me to offer ideas and advice and/or to scout out sites for where I'll place their new Square Foot Gardens... and every now-and-again, they ask, "So is this all you do?"  This question always makes me smile.I know (I assume) this question originates from intrigue.  How cool, they must think, I'm able to keep busy just doing food gardens.  If they only knew......

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Kids Food Garden Workshops

3-4pm, Sat., February 13th, March 13th, April 10th, and May 22nd (Mostly) in the Garden at the Pink House, 1920 Chowkeebin Nenewith Nathan Ballentine, aka the Man in Overalls ( your kids full of questions? Why this and why that? Do your kids like playing in the dirt? Do they like playing with worms and bugs? Do you wish they'd eat more vegetables? Do you wish...

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